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Carey Logan – Director of School

2019-05-28T13:36:47+00:00By |Faculty and Staff|

June 7, 2017 Dear Parents and Friends, It gives us great pleasure to announce and introduce Carey Logan, AMI teacher, and skilled administrator, as the new Director for our school. Carey will be taking the reins July 1, as Gail and her husband, Davey, move to Bergamo Montessori in Sacramento, CA, where Gail will serve [...]

Make-Your-Own “Fireworks”

2017-11-14T22:22:38+00:00By |Classroom Stories, Early Education, Faculty and Staff, Summer Story|

Can you make your own fireworks? We can. Señora Wellman showed us how in Spanish class. Here's what we did.     First, we saw that what she had in mind was to make the "fireworks" outdoors. We would parade out to the spot with our newly-made Olympic "banderas," our flags. [...]

Are You Engaged?

2018-03-21T10:56:52+00:00By |Classroom Stories, Early Education, Elementary, Faculty and Staff, Primary, Theory|

Engaged learning? What is it? Are the children and adults still engaged during the last weeks of the school year? Are they still interested? Still committed? Still involved? See what you think.   Interested?  Say, in the shaggy bark on the River Birch?   Committed---to helping us do things ourselves, [...]

“Peepie!” Will you Play Peek-a-Boo?

2017-11-14T22:22:40+00:00By |Faculty and Staff|

Do you know how much fun "Peepie!" is and why? Here's a short story introducing Merry, who will be our new Afternoon Assistant in Toddler Community this fall.   "Peepie!" is still a favorite game in Toddler Community at Northwoods. First you cover the face. . .   Then, you say, [...]