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Toddler Community

AMI Teacher: Melissa Jones

Toddler Community: 12 months to 3 years
Class Size: Limited to 12

Monday - Friday (5 days/week)
8:30am - 3:00pm

Toddler Community

You can enroll your child in our Toddler Community when he or she can walk independently, usually from around 12 to 16 months.

The Northwoods Montessori Toddler Community is a unique preschool educational program that supports your child throughout a period of tremendous fundamental development. More than a classroom, Montessori educational toddler programs support a nurturing social community using nontraditional teaching methods to help very young children experience their first contact with other children, learning to participate in a cooperative group. The components of this preschool program focus on the things that make up a child’s long-term intelligence, culture, language, and social interaction. This provides a foundation for “psychomotor” development. Our program at Northwoods, founded in 2002, was the first for children of this age in the Atlanta area to be recognized by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI).

Assistants to Infancy

The AMI Teacher Training for this stage is termed “Assistants to Infancy” and addresses human development from birth to three years of age. It is a nurturing social community rather than a classroom as such. Because the teacher is uniquely prepared to consider the child’s development from birth, having a child in our Toddler Community provides support for the entire family from infant stages onward. The Montessori curriculum is developmentally appropriate, using simple materials for food preparation, art, hand-eye coordination, and language development. The children also enjoy music and dance, learning to be joyful, contributing members of a group. Children learn to care for the environment and for others.

"I love their “hands-on” approach to learning, because that is how children can first learn the best — through touching and feeling. I love the smooth transitions from one section to the next, each element builds on the others. The learning process happens in phases, one step at a time. My child has been there since 17 months old, now ready to graduate. Northwoods Montessori is a remarkable place. It is a community that envelops your children, evaluates them on an individual basis, and enables them to learn at their own pace. It is an inviting learning environment, both inside and outside."

Extended Day Program

Our Extended Day Program is available after school, with varying activities according to the age level of the child. This program really is a home-away-from-home for late afternoons, and we invest a great deal in keeping them fresh, safe, and enjoyable for the children.
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