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Welcome to Northwoods Montessori School

“It’s that kind of place.”

What kind? It’s the kind of Montessori school kids can’t wait to see in the morning. And that teachers are reluctant to leave at the end of the day. The kind of place that’s filled with warmth, and glee, and the joy of learning and growing. It’s the kind of place that you’ll want to bring your child, so that you can see the magic of the Montessori School Approach unfold before your eyes. Come see what we mean. It’s that kind of place. Your kind of place. 

Northwoods Montessori School - Kids Ages 1-12 years

Come see why children love to come here!


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We focus on fostering an environment of cognitive and social development at all learning levels. At our Montessori school (one of the first in the greater Atlanta area), we employ:

  • unique learning materials in each of our age-level curricula, to support self-teaching

  • certified and experienced teachers who work with our students to guide instruction rather than to lecture or control the classroom

  • mixed-age grouping in classrooms to support social and emotional development

When our toddler daughter was 2 years old, we stumbled upon Northwoods Montessori in our search for a school that was more than just day-care. After 7 years (and with two children enrolled in the school) we continue to be amazed by how instinctive the Montessori method is and how well it prepares children to be the future leaders and problem solvers of our society. Moreover, Northwoods Montessori has instilled in our children a love of learning, self-confidence, and leadership.”
Northwoods Montessori is one of the best things that has happened to my life. The positive impact of the teachers, administration, and overall learning environment has helps she me into the person I am today. If one wanted to experience the sensation of true community love, one need only step foot into Northwoods Montessori School.”

Zanetta Harris, class of 1998