Innovative Early Education Programs

Northwoods Montessori School offers innovative early education programs that cater to the needs and abilities of children at each stage of their development — from toddler care to primary preschool. Our Montessori method combines a unique complex of philosophy, psychology, educational theory, and instructional materials, guided by an understanding of childhood developmental stages and respect for individual characteristics. This approach allows children to learn independently in an environment specially prepared by the teacher to respond to individual needs and tendencies.

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It’s a long way from readin’, ritin’ and ‘rithmetic.”

Toddler Community (12 months to 3 years)

You can enroll your preschool child in our Toddler Community when he or she can walk independently, usually from around 12 to 16 months. This is an environment of active learning and social engagement, a community of peers. We work to foster basic motor coordination, independence, language development, and a respect for individual personalities. AMI Toddler Community Teacher: Pamela Baumbarger.  Explore our Toddler Community.

Primary Program (3-6 years)

Beginning as early as 2 ½ years old, preschool children may enroll in the Primary Program at Northwoods. At this age, children possess an absorbent mind and our dynamic program encourages exploration, primarily through the senses. AMI Primary Teachers: Lisa Jones and Jennifer Samples.  Visit our Primary Program.

Extended Day Program (12 months – 7 years)

The Northwoods Montessori Extended Day Program provides childcare options for students who need to expand their time at Northwoods beyond the regular school day schedule.  Explore our Extended Day Programs.

Summer Program

This eight-week summer childcare program is organized into four two-week sessions, each staffed by an experienced teacher and an assistant.  Check out our summer program details.