The Admissions Process at Northwoods Montessori — 3 Things to Know

Age Guidelines



Toddler Community

Entry: As soon as your child can walk independently, usually from 12-16 months Exit: At around 30 months and usually before 36 months

Primary Preschool School Program

Entry: As early as 2½ years to 4 years Exit: 6 years to 7 years

Elementary School Program

Entry: 6 years to 7 years Exit: 12 years, or at the end of the Sixth Grade year, or at the end of six years in the Montessori Elementary

Extended Day (available for current students)

Ages 12 months to 7 years of age

Summer Program (available for current students)

Toddler: Ages 12/15 months to 3 years

Primary: Ages 3 to 6 years



Why Observe?

Observation is central to the Montessori Method of Education and is the perfect introduction for the inquiring parent. Rather than guided group tours of the classrooms, we favor a more intimate, individualized approach. We believe that thoughtful observation in a class will give you the best opportunity to see what children do in this environment. Questions often come to mind during this experience — which is exactly what we want!


You can make your observation appointments through the office at 770-457-7261. Observation periods are 30 minutes in duration, usually at 9:00 or at 9:30 am.

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We will provide a copy of our guidelines for observation before we escort you to a class. These are slightly different for the different age levels, and are designed to help you know what to look for, and to acquire a first understanding of what you are seeing.


Essentially, we ask you, the observer, to become as unobtrusive as possible and to look closely at the environment, at the children and their chosen activities, and at the interactions taking place in the class. You may be surprised! After your observation, we will give you time to ask questions.


Many times, observers think of additional things they want to ask about. Be assured that we always welcome your comments and questions.

Steps to Enrollment


Enrollment is easy at Northwoods Montessori.

1. Parents participate in an Observation Visit.
2. Parents file an application form, with a non-refundable application fee of $75.00.
3. If space is available, parents will be invited to a new parent interview with our Director of School; this is an opportunity to learn about the philosophy and operation of the school.
4. If the applicant is accepted, parents will be sent an acceptance letter and enrollment forms.
5. Within 10 days, parents submit enrollment forms along with registration and new-family fees.
6. A new-family orientation in Toddler or a new child visit with the teacher in Primary is scheduled close to the child’s first day in class.

Enrollment occurs throughout the year, as space is available, and as children are ready for school. Re-registration for the next school year occurs in January.

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How each program works.

Children are accepted for Toddler Community when they are walking securely and up until they are about two years old.

The process described below for Primary applies, with the exception that the Orientation visit is for the entire family and is termed the Family Orientation Visit. These take approximately one hour and are held during the last days before classes begin.

Toddler Community children are phased into the group according to a schedule set by parents and the Toddler Community Teacher during this Family Orientation visit. Learn more about the Toddler Community…

Children are accepted for the Primary Preschool level between the ages of two and four. Children older than four may be considered for enrollment, especially when transferring from other Montessori schools, after an interview with a teacher.

First, interested parents visit the school. Thoughtful observation in a class allows them the best opportunity to see what children do in this environment. Questions often come to mind during this experience.

After observation, parents are given time to ask questions.

Then, an Application with a $75 non-refundable Application Fee activates the process of review and placement. An interview with the Director of Education is set to determine the mutual interest, suitability of the program for the family.

An Acceptance Letter is extended with Enrollment materials and there is a 10-day window in which to accept the space(s) offered.

After enrollment, a definite placement is made, depending upon space available and the need to balance the classes as to age, sex, etc. The teacher calls the family to arrange an orientation visit for the child(ren). The child is invited by the teacher to visit the classroom to see where drink, bathroom and other essentials are located and to learn about activities that can be chosen right away on the first day of class.

If placement is made in Spring for the following fall, the teacher will call and arrange the visit closer to the beginning of the year.

We generally enroll following the order of applications received, though siblings of Northwoods students receive priority. Details about our Primary School Program…

When enrolling students in the Elementary level, priority is given first to those who have attended the Northwoods Montessori Primary program; and, secondly, to those who have attended other Montessori Primary programs. Students without Montessori preparation may be considered for enrollment according to available space and following an interview and assessment of whether our program is a good fit.

Review details about our Elementary School Program…