Are You Engaged?

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Engaged learning? What is it? Are the children and adults still engaged during the last weeks of the school year? Are they still interested? Still committed? Still involved? See what you think.   Interested?  Say, in the shaggy bark on the River Birch?   Committed---to helping us do things ourselves, [...]

Have You Had a Lesson with the Student Teacher?

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Have you had a lesson with the new Student Teacher yet? She tells good stories and includes you in the lesson, too.   We have a new Student Teacher this week and next. She's from the Montessori Institute of Atlanta and is becoming an AMI Elementary Teacher and Guide. Our first Student Teacher only [...]

Can You Guess—Can You Find—L.C.M.?

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Today were captivated by a new lesson with the pegboard and pegs. It's a hands-on material with many uses. Can you find the Lowest Common Multiple? (also known as "L.C.M.") We can now!   At the beginning of the lesson, our teacher told us that we would be working with multiples. "I'm looking [...]

New STEAM Program Rises

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  Are these children on some kind of new diet? Yes! Science, Teamwork, Energizing Nutrition, Music and Art are being offered in a new after-school program called STEAM. Read on to find out more about our experiments and discoveries with Miss McFizz. A diet of scientific prediction, measurement and discovery has us [...]

Is it a True Story?

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Is it a True Story? At the conclusion of the story about the Beginning of the Universe, The God Without Hands, the storyteller illustrates the cooling of Earth after a turbulent time of explosions followed by incessant rains. In Elementary, we find out about how things came to be.  Some things we were really [...]

What will you wear?

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Are you scrambling in the closet for costumes? It's time to answer that question: "What will you wear?" This morning, several of the children in the Elementary class (the class for 6-12 year-olds) came to school dressed differently.  Some of us have special occasion dress:   some, with a hat or a poncho or a hand-sewn [...]

Pouring It On, The Day Before Graduation

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Elementary children pour it on, taking advantage of every second of their last day before Graduation: A newly-minted hand-made bear watches as Elementary children rearrange the words in a sentence, examining the role of the preposition.. There is a group having a calligraphy lesson, a pair of children finishing a long-division example with [...]