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Montessori Practicial Life – School and Home!

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What is the mission of Practical Life? To provide meaningful opporutunities for every child to grow in concentration, coordination, grace and courtesy, independence as well as adapt to society. Practical Life is the very foundation of all other areas of the Montessori approach to education. Activities and exercises instill care for self, others and the [...]


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 The Toddler Community (12 months to 3 years of age) Putting on her own shoe, setting his place at the table! These everyday activities are what independence looks like for a toddler. In order to aid your child's independence, cultivate your own patience. Slow down  and offer your child time and space to practice. I [...]

Northwoods Alumni Enhance Our School Garden

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        Observe the busy bees, the beauty of the humming birds, moths, butterflies and the change of seasons from our new garden benches! In mid September, Max Brown (class of 2013) and members of his scout troop, including Northwoods alumni Ethan Hudock (Class of 2017), and Will Tate, installed three hand-crafted benches [...]

Who Lived at Etowah? An Elementary Play

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Who lived at Etowah? An Elementary Play Sheds Light on the Mystery This morning at 10 o'clock, the Elementary Class invited some of us to see a play. It was about native Americans living at Etowah. The players watched us arrive and sit in rows on the masking tape lines they had set for us. [...]

Can We Work Together?

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Can we work together?   Yesterday, many of us were. Some were giving lessons to younger children. Trace, trace, trace the Sandpaper Numerals, and you will know how to write them on the chalkboard! Some of us were just letting someone watch us to get the idea for something they might [...]