//What Have We Been Doing? Good Question!

What Have We Been Doing? Good Question!

At Northwoods, it is the week before Graduation and the week before Summer Vacation. We haven’t blogged for a while … so what have we been doing?

Sometimes in the morning, we’ve enjoyed looking out the windows and seeing our parents talking and having fun.

One day, some of the older children had a bake sale to raise money for a good cause. We got cookies in little bags for later.

We collected some everyday necessities, like toothpaste and shampoo for boxes to give people in need. The Elementary children decorated the boxes and took them to be delivered.

We’ve been reading through some of our books to find phrases that have a noun, an adjective and an article.

We were a part of the audience as some older children put on an original play, complete with a narrator, a stage manager and props.

Some in another Elementary class were painting models of ancient Egyptian canopic jars.

We heard that MacKenzie’s big brother gave a presentation to his entire class on the Classification of Vertebrates.

To be honest, we have been enjoying the little bit of rain we’ve been getting, too!

After the rain, we dug in the garden and found some worms. We enjoyed feeling them move across our hands and then we put them back.

What have the older children been doing?

They’ve been making dolls in Extended Day next door!

They’re having snack, and …

… making faces.

They’ve been finishing up a few reports.

They’ve been adding and subtracting fractions with the Divided Circles and Fraction Pieces.

They are reviewing Parts of a Leaf.

They are sorting out their work for portfolios.

Some of them are getting ready to put on another play.

These older Elementary children are preparing to be SummerScapes interns. We are looking forward to reading to them and playing with them on the playground this summer.

They’ve entertained some important visitors lately, too.

When we think about going to Elementary and doing all of those marvelous things, we just feel like dancing up a storm!

Can you guess who we are?

What have you been doing? How did you like the rain? Are you going to be outdoors this weekend?

We hope that you have a good time and that you find many worms — if that is what you are seeking.

Thank you for reading our blog!

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