//What Did You Learn in School Today?

What Did You Learn in School Today?


A few recent examples of “What I Learned in School Today” follow.  See if you can tell whether they are taken from Primary (for ages 3-6) or from Elementary (for ages 6-12) classes.


The names of the Geometric Solids, Cylinder, Ovoid, Ellipsoid, Sphere, Square Pyramid, Triangular Pyramid, Rectanular Prism and Cube.


That I am capable of carrying out a complicated operation all by myself!


How to finish something I started.


That I can make words out of sounds.


The sound that "ge" makes at the end of a word.


How to write a story.


How to control the amount of water for a watercolor wash.


How to enjoy eating as a social occasion.


That the answers to the addition combinations make a pattern.


That dividing can mean "sharing equally."


How to tie a bow.


How to write the names of all of the Land and Water Forms.


That the square of seven is 49.


That a period goes at the end of a sentence that is a statement.


That a question mark goes at the end of a sentence that is a question.


The difference between "vertical," "horizontal" and "oblique" lines.


The terms, "congruent," "similar" and "equivalent."


How to use a compass.


How to count money by putting dollars into piles of ten.


What is produced in the different states.


How to follow instructions and draw a car with a compas and straight edge.


That the root of the square is read along the bottom of the square.


That the classification of plants with seeds is like a tree.


How to simulate ocean currents with sawdust on the surface of water and some straws.


What "nocturnal" means.


How to create a well-grounded stance for yoga practice.


How to relax after school by designing spiral drawings and tops that work!


If you guessed that the last twelve illustrations are of Elementary (classes for children ages 6-12),  you guessed right!


If you guessed that the first fifteen illustrations came from Primary (classes for children 3-6 years), you guessed right.


How did you guess?


Parents who would like to know more about how the Primary Montessori Class prepares for the Montessori Elementary can come to The Primary to Elementary Transition Meeting on Thursday evening, November 8, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.  All the teachers will be present for a kind of “Show and Tell” that we think they will like.


If you are a parent and would like to attend Thursday, please call the office at 770-457-7261 to save your place.  Please try to call between 8 am and 3 pm.  It is mostly for Northwoods own parents, but we can probably squeeze a few more in! We are proud of our school and want everyone to know about it.


Thank you for reading our blog!





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