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Tour the Elementary Class

6 to 12 years old

This video was created during the mask mandate season of the COVID-19 pandemic. At this time, masks are a choice for parents and students.

Lower Elementary

  • Imagination
    Developmentally, elementary children can reason abstractly and their curiosity reflects this! Our teachers nurture your child's imagination by asking questions instead of just giving facts. This encourages them to reason about and discover the answers for themselves.
  • Collaboration
    The elementary classroom has many opportunities for children to work in pairs or groups. With a mix of ages, this naturally means practicing social skills like delegation, leadership, sharing, and celebrating peers. Furthermore, respectful conflict resolution and empathy are natural byproducts of cooperation.
  • At Their Own Pace
    Children have different interests and the elementary education at Northwoods Montessori is able to follow the child. Curriculum spans science, biology, history, anthropology, cultural and social studies, language, math,, music, and art. But, each child responds uniquely to a lesson. The teacher encourages them to follow that passion and creativity, taking ownership of their education.

Classrooms are set up to allow everyone access to learning materials - not just teachers and not just at certain times.

Thoughtfully-designed materials bridge concrete concepts into the abstract. For instance, it allows students to touch and hold math concepts.

The elementary classroom encourages collaboration. Groups of children work in large areas or at tables instead of desks.

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