//The First Day of School, Early and Later in the Day

The First Day of School, Early and Later in the Day

An Early Start



Some of us got an early start.  Setting up for the Parent Coffee, playing Twister, we could hardly contain our eagerness for the day to start in earnest.



Arriving at Primary



Children two and a half years to six who are new arrive for their Orientation Days in Primary.



Help with Tying



Play in the sandbox was fun with mountains of sand and left us shaking out our shoes.



A teacher helps with tying shoes during Orientation because all of the Primary children here today are new.  Soon there will be older Primary children with shoe-tying skills more than ready to help.



At Elementary Dismissal



Children demonstrate what makes a day in Elementary complete, seeing a friend.



It was a good day.



The children shake hands with their teachers and greet their parents at the end of day.  Occasionally there’s time for a brief exchange between teacher and parent.



Time for a brief collegial chat



A quiet moment after dismissal for reflection. Overheard:  “This was the best first day in many years!” and “The volcano exploded just as it should!”



At the end of the day, what did you reflect upon?  Seeing old friends?  Meeting new?  Finding out about taking care of the class animal?  Setting a pretty table for lunch?



The year has now begun in earnest. It is a good start.




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