//Taking a Page From Nature

Taking a Page From Nature

colors out the window

Hydrangeas in bloom just outside the SummerScapes door offered blues, greens and more for inspiration.

Children in  our SummerScapes program took a page from nature, using  the colors that surrounded them and that they saw in a book, The Turtle  and the Moon, by Charles Turner and illustrated by Melissa Bay Mathis.

After covering a large sheet of paper with layers of watercolor washes,  they added other elements with smaller brushes.

Warm and cool colors melted together after being applied in washes over a large piece of paper.

What did they add?  What difference might a background of glowing  colors have had upon their choices?  And what difference does the  environment have upon all of our choices?

Our guide, Laura, illustrated layering elements of a scene onto a background covered with washes.

In SummerScapes, the talk is often of what our children did at the pool,  in the car or at a friend’s house. Both settings are present, in a way, at the  same time, just like the washes and the elements of pond life—or other  fantastical life— that the children added to their paintings.


We can hardly wait to hear your new stories, see them layered over the    Northwoods’ campus as August approaches.  What colors  surround you  right now? And what are you doing while we are painting,  drawing,  working and playing at SummerScapes?




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