//Finding Strength Together

Finding Strength Together

Older children find a pose may sometimes be easier with support from each other.


Both older and younger children’s Yoga classes today found strength together.  Above, the older (4,5 & 6 year-olds with intern from Elementary) hold hands gently and complete a difficult pose requiring balance.


Younger children begin with guidelines.


The younger children (3 & 4 year-olds and Elementary intern) reviewed the guidelines and a few favorite poses first.


Copycat game, animal with a wide mouth.


Then, they played the “Copycat Game,” in which each got a turn to have everyone mirror exactly when he or she did.  The choice above was a favorite animal pose with a very wide mouth.


Making a strong mountain.


Then, came a very important part.  All made the Mountain Pose and the teacher came around “trying to knock them over.”  All Mountains held firm.


The children made a star shape to see what they could do together.


In the Star, a gentle hand hold enabled the group to wave, rise and sit back down together strongly as a group.


The Yoga class then formed a circle of butterflies to see what they could do together.


The butterflies began to rise.


When they got to the top, they each gave someone else a compliment.


Reading "My Daddy Is A Pretzel"


The group settled down for a book, “My Daddy Is A Pretzel,” and. . .


Triangle Pose.


practiced some of the poses in the book.  (Here’s the Triangle Pose.)


Finding strength within, (Mountain) and then finding strength within the group (Star, Butterflies) made these groups smile.


There’s been a lot of laughing and smiling in SummerScapes today.  Some children flew to the sink when it was time to wash hands, some galloped and some hopped. Two of the group who speak French taught the names of the colors in the “What Are You Wearing?” song.


What is it that makes us smile when we succeed in a group? Would you like to try Mountain?  What pose would you like to try with the support of a group?




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