//Sights & Sounds of Those First School Days

Sights & Sounds of Those First School Days

The faces on the children and their parents, grands and great-grands spoke volumes as they arrived on campus to begin their first steps of new school year, together! They walked hand in hand, some even skipped to their destinations – the Montessori classrooms that had been especially prepared for their arrival and for the many days to come.

Perhaps a sparkling 3-year-old child and her father summarized the moment best. As they approached the school Welcome Table, she sweetly said, “These flowers smell wonderful; would you like to smell them?” Positioning the bouquet of red mums gently beneath my nose, I breathed in the light fragrance. Most immediately her father added, “Yes, the flowers smell like the first day of school!”

We are so happy to welcome new and returning children and their families to Northwoods, and grateful for those first abounding sights, sounds, and, yes, smells, of those first school day

Now, the joy of Montessori learning begins!

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