//Same or Different Game with Baric and Thermic Tablets

Same or Different Game with Baric and Thermic Tablets

Is he really closing his eyes?

The felt, glass, slate and wood of the Thermic Tablets are irresistible!

This felt is warmer than the others.

These two tablets feel as if they are the same weight.

The Baric Tablets.

Inside the garden window, three children are playing a game with both the Thermic and the Baric Tablets.  A person with a blindfold—or who can be trusted to close her eyes—holds out two hands and receives two tablets.  Are they the same or are they different?


If they are the same, we put them together in a stack.  When we are finished, we can see if we guessed correctly.


All of the Baric Tablets of the same weight are the same kind of wood and instantly recognizable.  All of the pairs of Thermic Tablets are made of different materials so that they not only absorb different amounts of heat; they also look different.


What do you think about playing such a game with two different sets of materials?  Confusing? Fun?


What is your favorite material in the Thermic Tablets?  Glass?  Slate?  Felt?  Wood?  What is your favorite kind of wood?  Birch?  Cherry?  Mahogany?










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