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Primary Program

In the Northwoods Montessori Preschool Program — for primary children ages two-and-a-half to seven — students learn about committing to a task, building self discipline, and developing practical skills. The program is modeled after Dr. Maria Montessori’s first school in Rome — called the “Casa dei Bambini.”

While the children have the opportunity to work with one another in the supervised classroom, the Preschool Primary Program is an early education program designed to support a child’s autonomy, allowing individual exploration and repetition. This freedom and the concentration it allows lead to satisfaction and reinforce understanding.

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The curriculum encompasses five broad areas: Practical Life, Sensorial Materials, Language, Mathematics, and Cultural Studies, each using specialized Montessori tools for learning. The program places heavy emphasis on tactile learning and fosters a cooperative learning environment where students learn from one another. At this age, children possess an Absorbent Mind. They explore primarily through the senses and exhibit periods of acute sensitivity which help them learn easily. Our classes enable the children to move, manipulate, and explore, building the conceptual foundations and positive attitudes which underlie all future learning.

Extended Day childcare programs are available both before and after school, custom-designed to be age-approrpriate for all of our children.  These programs provide a home-away-from-home atmosphere for early mornings and late afternoons. Learn more…

This is a warm and caring environment for our children. The school is accommodating and encourages suggestions and feedback. Parents are encouraged to observe the classrooms frequently and to stay involved in the process of their children’s education.”
Aesha Saed

AMI Primary Teachers:

Lisa Jones, Jennifer Samples

Primary Program: Children 2½ years to 7 years, with a trained assistant
Class size: 20-25 students
Teachers hold AMI Primary Diploma

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