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Pouring It On, The Day Before Graduation

Elementary children pour it on, taking advantage of every second of their last day before Graduation:

A newly-minted hand-made bear watches as Elementary children rearrange the words in a sentence, examining the role of the preposition..

There is a group having a calligraphy lesson, a pair of children finishing a long-division example with six-digit divisor, a newly-finished hand-sewn bear propped to watch a grammar exercise, and a pair talking with great intensity. Overheard: “It’s not that I can’t do it; I won’t do it!”

There is another small detail to be absorbed before the letter can be finished with just the right flourish.


A multi-digit divisor is easy with the help of a friend.

“It’s not that I can’t; I won’t” is an example of a conversation showing the respectful manner in which conflicts can be resolved, nurturing friendships in the Elementary.

What did you do the last week of school when you were in Elementary? What did you create? What did you talk about? What are you looking forward to on the First Day of School?


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