Welcome Back, Northwoods Montessori Alumni!

“Been There, Done That.”

Northwoods Alums, you’ve been here, and you’ve done this. And you know how well prepared you were when you went on to other things. We don’t want to lose your piece of history. So get touch, then stay in touch! Please!

Since we opened in 1972, Northwoods Montessori alumni like you have gone on to achieve wonderful things in your personal and professional lives. We are so very proud of you and want you to visit the school and stay involved. Come, visit us at school and observe a class, attend the Peace Celebration, participate in Life After Montessori, and connect with your teachers and old friends!!

We want to promote your relationship with Northwoods Montessori and support your personal process of lifelong learning by helping you get connected again with your Northwoods friends and teachers. We recognize the value that you talented graduates can bring back to the school.

Ready to Give Back? Here’s How You Can Benefit Current Northwoods Montessori Children

There are several easy ways to tighten your connection to Northwoods.

  • Update your contact information with this easy,
  • Schedule a visit, then drop by to see us, peek at your old classroom, or say hi to your former teachers.
  • Give a little to show that you got a lot. Donate to Northwoods Montessori.