//New Yoga Pose Appears at Summerscapes—Orca!

New Yoga Pose Appears at Summerscapes—Orca!

Today, at SummerScapes, the older children stretched in the Cat Pose, then, in the Shark Pose and made up the new pose, The Stump (not pictured). . .


Cat Pose.


Shark Pose.


. . .and  the younger group later danced. . .


Dancing in a Circle.


. . .laughed. . .




and made up a new pose, the Orca!


The Orca.


There were also some gorillas, elephants, bunnies along the way.



Have you invented a Yoga pose?  What do you do in this pose?



It seemed that the invitation to make a new pose brought another level of concentration.  Some who had been looking out the window came right back into the group.  Why is that, do you think?


Thank you for reading our blog.  Please jump in when you like! Tell about your new pose.









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