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Who Lived at Etowah? An Elementary Play

Who lived at Etowah? An Elementary Play Sheds Light on the Mystery

This morning at 10 o’clock, the Elementary Class invited some of us to see a play. It was about native Americans living at Etowah.

The players watched us arrive and sit in rows on the masking tape lines they had set for us.

Even Jennifer and Lisa were excited.

At first it was quiet.

Then, the narrator announced the play and the curtains rose on dawn, the first day.

This is the chief, standing atop one of the mounds.

The chief’s son received his father’s blessing.

He seemed proud.

The chief’s wife noted that the people needed more food.

The hunters and fishers were asked to go out and get more food.

The curtains were pulled.

Here is a buffalo.

Two people were inside the large origami buffalo that the hunters shot.

We thought this impressive.

Here’s the bow they used.

The people were happy, played games and danced.

They feasted and enjoyed themselves.

They were a lot like us, getting up in the morning, going to sleep at night.

They enjoyed making music with shakers.

They welcomed the Spanish conquistadores.

Then the Spanish conquistadors announced, reading from a scroll, that the land was bought by Spain and no longer the people’s land.

A trumpet sounded.

The people were subsequently taken away. The End.

There were group research reports…

… and individual reports on stories the people told about the beginning of the world …

… a display of models of mounds A, B, and C.

Then the cast introduced themselves. We know them all.

Walking back to class under the tall, long-leaf pines, we thought about this moving and informative play.

Do you like to see plays? Do you write them?

Do you want to go to Etowah? Maybe one day?

Who lived at Etowah? People like us?

Thank you for reading our blog!

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