//“Life Must Be One Whole”

“Life Must Be One Whole”

“Life must not be cut in two, moving the limbs by sport, and then the mind by reading.  Life must be one whole, especially at an early age, when the child is constructing himself.”

Maria Montessori, in Education for a New World, 1946


Here are some photos of children integrating the work of the hand and body, movement, with the work of the mind, thinking, listening, expressing something this afternoon:


After deriving a square root, taking the square made with pegs apart.



Writing a "newspaper", labeling and decorating maps of the United States.



Measuring amounts of reagents for an experiment.



Operations with fractions--addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.




Determining what the customer gets with Long Multiplication with The Bank Game.


Expanding the multiplier with a different set of cards in The Bank Game.




Finding the Volume in smaller, 2 cm, cubes.


Exploring Finding the Circumference of a Circle understanding How We Got Pi.



Finding the next note in a song and writing it down using The Tone Bars.


Can you think of another illustration of work you’ve seen at school that involved movement?  Can you think of work that doesn’t involve movement?




Our children are encouraged to move, to talk and to be whole.



Thank you for reading. Share your comments!



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