//Last Day of Classes

Last Day of Classes

The last day of classes dawned calm and bright and slightly hazy. Getting out of the car in the parking lot felt the same, but inside, on the board was the announcement:

This was Friday, May 31, 2013, and the last day of classes for the 2012-2013 school year.

Around Primary, things were starting off pretty much the same as usual.

Choosing a colored pencil to begin.

People were getting lessons,

Setting out wooden cards to label the Number Rods.

working together on the floor and at tables.

Fetching cards to show the quotient.

There was a little different feeling in the air, perhaps — of parents peeking in with a special message.

Working at tables and on the floor.

In some classes, no one brought a lunch, in anticipation of a pizza feast.

In the Elementary building, a movement was afoot to make a clean sweep.

Preparing to sweep downstairs.

Shelves were being moved,

What a lot of interesting stuff we found under the shelves!

Vacuums mobilized.

A large job was ahead.

And chairs and tables were scrubbed squeaky.

Today all that Practical Life in Primary really came in handy in the Elementary classes.

Later in the morning, some children in Primary were treated to a visitor who works with rockets and robots. He talked about a robot that will go to the moon and find out for sure what’s in Moon Ice.

We start by sending the rocket into the atmosphere from Florida, he explained.

It was an absorbing demonstration.

After orbiting the earth and making note of the moon’s position, we aim just ahead and arrive at the same point that it does at the same time!

Who knew? Then, most excitingly, the group witnessed a robot rover, arriving at a crater and preparing to collect specimens.

The rover has landed on a photo of a real crater that looks good for prospecting.

This is what happens as the rover drills into Moon Ice and takes in a sample to test:

Any of us might make a trip when we’re older! This is so interesting! (You can’t make this stuff up.)

After lunch in Elementary, there were reports …

Dog reports are read aloud to members of the class.

and demonstrations:

Some breeds of dogs are willing to be trained rather easily, jumping through hoops for treats.

Of course, there were plants to water today.

Behind the Elementary building.

In one of the Primary class gardens.

Some of us mainly wanted to see each other,

Just being together.

Just being together.

and pose together.


There was a little t-shirt and bag-signing going on.

A t-shirt gaining autographs.

Some were eating popsicles outside by the end of day, on the grass and at picnic tables.

A gratifying moment of coolness and sweetness in the shade together.

By the end of the day, the board’s promises were fulfilled.

Popsicles? Check! Dance hall revolution? Check!
Already missing each other? Check!

And, in the gardens where hang the National Wildlife “Certified Wildlife Habitat” signs, the wildlife are having their chuckle.

Wildlife behind this gate settle in for a summer truly unperturbed by the educational process.

We hope that your Last Day of Classes was a good one. If you weren’t here … well, you missed it!

SummerScapes starts for Primary (ages 3-6 years) June 10 and the First Day of Class for the fall is only a few short weeks away.

Enjoy your summer, whatever you do, and come back safe and sound — or come visit us, if you’re new.

Thank you for reading our blog!

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