//Grace and Courtesy—Montessori Manners

Grace and Courtesy—Montessori Manners

In the Primary (class for ages 3-6) manners are taught with little plays acted out early in the year. By now, we are seeing the results, spontaneous acts of kindness and civility.


Two children practice making sounds and tracing the letters that make them together, taking turns.



A child handles materials gently, placing beads on a tray and picking it up carefully with both hands.



A thank-you note takes shape after an enjoyable visit to another classroom.



An older child gives a vocabulary lesson to a younger child.



A friend helps to proofread a newly written story.



Interrupting politely.


These are some of the reasons we have such peaceful classrooms.


How do you feel about being asked to use good manners?  How do you like it when the people around you are polite to you?


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