//Freedom for Creative Energy

Freedom for Creative Energy


It was wet out today, too wet out to play.  So we sat in with toys on this  rainy, wet day.


There were beads of water everywhere after a soaking rain.


“This is easy!” a child shouted.  Isn’t that what you say when you’re    deeply involved in a creative way?


We were making several things, seeing if we could make them stand on the mat.

“When we speak about freedom in education, we mean freedom for creative energy.  Creative energy is the urge of life for the normal development of the individual,” 

Maria Montessori, in a lecture, December 10, 1946, in London.

Ready to be taken apart and recycled into new machines!


How does making things feel for you?  Easy when you’re in the process of  creating?  Easy when you’re finished?





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