//Follow the Child: Movement and Music

Follow the Child: Movement and Music

“Pop!” one of our teachers heard as she closed her laptop early yesterday morning.  “Someone is striking a drum,” she thought, “let’s wait and see if they do it again.”

“Who’s there?” the group seems to say as they turn to see if what they are doing is O.K.

“Pop!” again, and “Pop, Pop, Pop!”  She then watched as, one after another, some children gathered around the Bells and the African drum collection. One Elementary child, in particular, has been asking about different rhythms.  She has been getting some lessons in laying rhythms over a steady beat and encourages everyone to join in.

Gathering to play the drums together.

Getting warm and taking off a sweater.

Soon, there were drummers, dancers and singers joining in and the rhythmic rumpus was traveling to the office, upstairs and out into the parking lot.

Playing the drums, singing and dancing seemed just the thing to do, and the more we played, the more we sang and danced.

The teacher joined in and gave a few pointers.

It’s important to strike the drum the right way to get a good sound.

Different strokes, with the heel or with the flat of the hand, in the center or at the drum’s edge, make different sounds.

Smiling, the teacher showed us different ways to strike the drum.

A soft swipe across the surface makes another kind of drumming sound.

“And when we get to the end,” she said, “I’ll count ‘1-2-3’ and we’ll play like this!” So she did and we played very fast, signaling “al fine”, “that’s it” and “the end”.

We play very quickly at the end, like this.

Some questions remain. Since several people had to go to their own classes, the group broke up and we are looking forward to another time to play together and learn about these drums.

For example, I am wondering, what kind of material this is and how it is stretched so tightly over the wood.

This is a great example of the Montessori principle, “Follow the Child.”  We want to move and moving, learn things.  The teacher puts interesting things in the room for us, then guides us when we need a lesson.

Maria Montessori’s birthday is Saturday.  Do you play a musical instrument?  This would be a good time to make some noise, and perhaps some music.

Follow the Child.

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