//Follow the Child: Gardening

Follow the Child: Gardening

You might wonder how the gardens in the raised beds out by the Elementary rooms were planted. Let’s follow a class outside with their rakes, hoes, plants and seeds and see how they did it.

First, our teacher showed us how to label small stakes to mark our garden rows so we would know what was growing.

We used a waterproof pen on a stiff plastic marker so that the rain would not wash it away.

The labels were put at the ends of the rows we intended to plant, according to the plan we had drawn with our teacher and a volunteer helper.

It was important that the writing be clear, so that we can see it when we go out to water and weed.

We could copy spellings from the seed packets if we wanted.

We reviewed the plan and set everything out, roughly where it would be planted, to make sure we had enough space. We did.

We began with the broccoli plants, which look healthy and show great promise. They should like the coming cold weather. We love broccoli and are excited to see how it grows.

Next, we learned about the garlic and how to plant it with the sprout end pointing up.

Then, we made rows, added worm castings and thinly sowed the seeds. We’re looking forward to the red radishes and the sweet orange carrots!

Soon, the class could be seen gently watering their newly planted plot.

What fall and winter vegetables would you plant in a plot like this? Or would you plant flowers?

We know that we are growing. Sometimes the process seems to go very slowly and it is heartening to see the quickly growing young plants.

We have made applesauce, apple butter, apple crisp and apple pies with the Rome Beauties we picked recently and are already thinking about cooking and eating that broccoli. We wonder whether everything will be ready to eat at once, or if the broccoli will be first, since it got a head start. What is your prediction?

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