Support Northwoods

“It’s your turn. Take it. Step up. Donate.”

If you attended Northwoods, or your children did, then you know what a wonderful value it was. And when you or your kids were here, we were receiving generous donations from those who came before. It’s your turn now. Pay it back and pay it forward by supporting Northwoods today. Nobody knows better than you that it’s a very good cause.

At Northwoods Montessori, we accept your tax-deductible donations to supplement our operating budget. We use these donations to provide scholarships to families in need, to support continuing professional development of our faculty and staff, and to maintain our beautiful wooded campus. These are more than mere contributions. They are investments, too — in your community, your children, and your quality of life.

To make your tax-deductible donation to Northwoods Montessori School,  just call Sue Zampella at 770-457-7261.

Your Northwoods Legacy — Set in Stone!

Well, set in brick, really. But it works the same!

Order a brick for the garden walks and become a permanent part of our beautiful campus. The beautifully engraved paving brick is the way to commemorate your family’s Northwoods memories. The bricks are $40 and 70% of that cost comes directly to Northwoods! What a great way to help the school and share your memories with generations to come. Donate a commemorative brick for our garden walks. Call Sue Zampella at 770-457-7261.