//Choices and Direction

Choices and Direction

Shark Pose.


Maximum effort was gladly extended when we chose the poses we could practice.  Here three children do their best at the Shark Pose.


Another view of the Shark Pose.


Here’s a close-up of the Shark Pose held to a count of 10.


Cards for choosing different poses.


Some of our favorites in the older children’s class were Dragon, Bunny, Cat and Fish.


Lizard sunning on Rock.


The lizard suns himself on the Rock with a little direction from the teacher, Jenna.


Another Lizard.


Now the Lizard rests upon the Rock, trusting in the gentle guidance Jenna has provided.


Choosing the Rock Pose.


Younger children also chose poses and added elements into the songs, “Mr Spaceman” and “Down By the Bay.”




Mountain is a favorite.  Here Mountain waits for Wind to test it.


Down Dog.


Down Dog is also a favorite.  Note the very straight legs!




After following the guide’s directions for the Rainbow and hearing about all of our characteristics its colors represent, kindness, strength, happiness, willingness, carefulness, we were allowed to touch the guitar and learn about the strings.


Choice, or Freedom, and Direction, or Responsibility, are important ideas in Montessori thought.  When we have choices, we learn to take more and more responsibility, making us more kind, strong, happy, willing, careful.


The Partner Poses, like the Lizard on the Rock are more challenging and maybe we like them more, even though we must take a little more direction.


Do you like having Choices?  Direction?  Leave us a comment!



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