Are You Learning Your ABC’s?

2017-11-14T22:22:38+00:00By |Classroom Stories, Early Education, Theory, Toddler|

Are you learning your ABC's? They are important for learning to read. And are you learning to read? Oh, yes. . .   . . . we are in Toddler Community, where we are A) Asking Questions,   B) turning pages in a book,   C) clapping our hands [...]

Why Are You in Training Pants?

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    Our teachers recommend Toilet Awareness, by Sarah Moudry, to explain how you can do this at home. A good resource for parents is Diaper-Free Before 3, by Jill M. Lekovic, M.D.  She explains how people have become independent in this way for generations, and how healthy it is. You can do [...]