Are You Engaged?

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Engaged learning? What is it? Are the children and adults still engaged during the last weeks of the school year? Are they still interested? Still committed? Still involved? See what you think.   Interested?  Say, in the shaggy bark on the River Birch?   Committed---to helping us do things ourselves, [...]

Are You Learning Your ABC’s?

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Are you learning your ABC's? They are important for learning to read. And are you learning to read? Oh, yes. . .   . . . we are in Toddler Community, where we are A) Asking Questions,   B) turning pages in a book,   C) clapping our hands [...]

Why Are You in Training Pants?

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    Our teachers recommend Toilet Awareness, by Sarah Moudry, to explain how you can do this at home. A good resource for parents is Diaper-Free Before 3, by Jill M. Lekovic, M.D.  She explains how people have become independent in this way for generations, and how healthy it is. You can do [...]

Is it a True Story?

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Is it a True Story? At the conclusion of the story about the Beginning of the Universe, The God Without Hands, the storyteller illustrates the cooling of Earth after a turbulent time of explosions followed by incessant rains. In Elementary, we find out about how things came to be.  Some things we were really [...]