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Are You Engaged?

2018-03-21T10:56:52+00:00By |Classroom Stories, Early Education, Elementary, Faculty and Staff, Primary, Theory|

Engaged learning? What is it? Are the children and adults still engaged during the last weeks of the school year? Are they still interested? Still committed? Still involved? See what you think.   Interested?  Say, in the shaggy bark on the River Birch?   Committed---to helping us do things ourselves, [...]

Moving with Purpose and Precision

2017-11-14T22:22:38+00:00By |Classroom Stories, Early Education, Primary|

From the beginning of our days at school we are moving with purpose and precision. We build motor control, and with a little practice, can do almost anything!   Early in the morning, we can be found cutting paper towels for a hand washing activity or carefully folding tablecloths for lunch. Some [...]

Are You Learning Your ABC’s?

2017-11-14T22:22:38+00:00By |Classroom Stories, Early Education, Theory, Toddler|

Are you learning your ABC's? They are important for learning to read. And are you learning to read? Oh, yes. . .   . . . we are in Toddler Community, where we are A) Asking Questions,   B) turning pages in a book,   C) clapping our hands [...]

Have You Had a Lesson with the Student Teacher?

2017-11-14T22:22:38+00:00By |Classroom Stories, Elementary|

Have you had a lesson with the new Student Teacher yet? She tells good stories and includes you in the lesson, too.   We have a new Student Teacher this week and next. She's from the Montessori Institute of Atlanta and is becoming an AMI Elementary Teacher and Guide. Our first Student Teacher only [...]

Can You Guess—Can You Find—L.C.M.?

2017-11-14T22:22:38+00:00By |Classroom Stories, Early Education, Elementary|

Today were captivated by a new lesson with the pegboard and pegs. It's a hands-on material with many uses. Can you find the Lowest Common Multiple? (also known as "L.C.M.") We can now!   At the beginning of the lesson, our teacher told us that we would be working with multiples. "I'm looking [...]