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What will you wear?

2017-11-14T22:22:39+00:00By |annual events, Elementary|

Are you scrambling in the closet for costumes? It's time to answer that question: "What will you wear?" This morning, several of the children in the Elementary class (the class for 6-12 year-olds) came to school dressed differently.  Some of us have special occasion dress:   some, with a hat or a poncho or a hand-sewn [...]

When is Fall Carnival?

2017-11-14T22:22:40+00:00By |annual events|

Next Friday afternoon, from 4 pm to 7. Grannies, babies, old friends, neighbors, graduates, teachers, preachers, everyone!  Fall Carnival is this time next week!  Find old Northwoods tees, decide what color your hair will be, and come on out. This morning at Toddler Community everyone was in some kind of celebratory t-shirt, Northwoods---or maybe [...]