//Besides Recess: How Do You Use the Out-of-Doors?

Besides Recess: How Do You Use the Out-of-Doors?




Lately, the weather has been wonderful to go out and play on the field.


Here are a few glimpses from Elementary (the classes for children six to twelve years old) showing some of our other outdoor activities.

A small group studying gemstones prepared for a trip to Tellus.


It was a great day for jumping rope.


Two children swept the walk so they could take some work outside.


It became a great place to put mats and spread out.


The height of the peas had to be measured and recorded for the day. . .


. . .while, nearby, a couple of friends discussed their project at a picnic table.


Just inside, the outdoors served as rest for the eyes and as inspiration for a song on the tone bars.


Outside the window a lesson was presented, "The River".


The work of water is to carve, carry and deposit. This was demonstrated and discussed with great excitement over the river model.


The lesson made it all the more exciting to walk the path water takes through the schoolyard when it rains, seeing areas from which material has been carved and areas upon which material has been deposited.



How do you use the outdoors available to you?


Have you enjoyed the days and nights of nearly equal length and cooler temperatures?


Have you been to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to see “Scarecrows in the Garden?” You might have seen our scarecrows.


Here's a photo of the Northwoods Montessori entry, "Help Me to Do it Myself," taken by a group of Northwoods adults at Thursday evening's Fest of Ale.


Thank you for taking time to read our blog.


Do you have ideas and brainstorms for what we can do for Scarecrows in the Garden next year?  Just leave a comment!


















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