//A Lesson in a Primary Class

A Lesson in a Primary Class

After four weeks, it was possible to take a few photos in a Primary class (ages three to six) without disrupting the group.


Here a child gets a lesson on one of the drawers of the Geometric Cabinet, the one with a trapezoid, a right-angled trapezoid, a parallelogram and a rhombus:



Getting a drawer from the Geometric Cabinet with the teacher.




Watching the teacher trace, trace and replace a shape.



Repeating what the teacher did.



Repeating with another, slightly different shape.



Making an observation about one of the shapes. "It is like a square, only this line is slanted!"



Comparing shapes already traced.



Tracing the frame of the shape.Tracing yet again.



Tracing the frame of the shape.



Tracing another frame. . .



. . .thoroughly.



Replacing another shape.



Now, for the names!



The teacher gives all of the names.The child compares the shapes again, using one of the names.


Tracing again, this time very energetically.



Tracing during the part of the lesson when the teacher gives the name and asks the child to trace, take the shape to another place, tell someone its name, etc.---The Second Period of the lesson.



Showing a friend, "This is a Right Angled Trapezoid!" After more repetition, with the Second Period, the child can name the rhombus, the parallelogram, the trapezoid and the right-angled trapezoid.


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